Read Aloud


15 Minutes Matters.

Reading aloud for just 15 minutes a day can prepare your child for a lifetime of learning.

It’s the single most important activity parents can do to help a child prepare for reading and learning. Your little one’s brain begins growing at lightning speed right from birth, so it’s important to create a habit of daily reading and stick with it.

Reading aloud gets your child off to a healthy start for school and life. It forms the building blocks needed for reading and writing, boosts problem-solving skills, shapes a child’s imagination and sets the stage for future success.

Show how important, valued and FUN reading can be. Let it be the most precious time you spend together and share a connection that goes far beyond the pages turned.

Spend time reading together for 15 minutes every day. Start today. Start now.

Read Aloud 15 MINUTES.

Every Child. Every Parent. Every Day.

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